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Celebrating Epiphany: Three Kings' Day Traditions in Spain


Immediately after New Year's Day, Spaniards prepare for one of their most magical and significant holidays: Three Kings' Day, celebrated on January 6th. This day, rooted in the biblical story of the wise men who came to worship the baby Jesus, is one of the oldest and most cherished traditions in Spain.
The history of Three Kings' Day goes back to ancient times. This festival has Christian roots and is connected to the Gospel of Matthew, which mentions wise men following a star to find and worship the newborn Jesus. Over time, the holiday has acquired unique national characteristics in different countries, especially in Spain, where it has become a part of the national traditions.

In Spain, Three Kings' Day is not just a religious holiday, but also a time for joy and family celebrations. The main traditions include:

Parades: The most spectacular part of the celebration are the parades, which take place on the eve of the holiday, January 5th. Actors dressed as the biblical Magi, as well as various characters and floating platforms, participate in these parades. The Kings throw candies and small gifts to the children.

Gifts: On this day, it is customary to give gifts, just as the Magi brought gifts to baby Jesus. This is especially important for children, as this is when they receive most of their Christmas presents.

Christmas Treats: Traditionally, the "Roscon de Reyes" – a crown-shaped sweet pastry often containing a surprise inside – is prepared on this day.

Religious Services: Despite the festive celebrations, many Spaniards also attend church services to commemorate the religious significance of this day.

Three Kings' Day holds immense cultural and religious significance in Spain. It not only recalls the biblical story but also emphasizes the importance of family traditions, giving, and sharing. This day serves as a wonderful conclusion to the Christmas season and is a key element of Spain's cultural heritage.

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